Rejuve Floor Service

Concrete and Stone Floor Care and Restoration Service

Rejuve Floor Service offers a wide range of concrete and stone floor restoration services to commercial, industrial, and residential establishments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Headquartered in Livermore, Rejuve Floor Service specializes in reviving the beauty of natural and man-made stone. We’re one of the largest Commercial contractors for restoration of stones and polished concrete in California.

We combine long-standing traditional methods and latest technologies to keep your stone and polished concrete floors looking its best for years afterwards.

If you’re thinking of reviving the beauty of your surfaces, call us at (925)245-8900 for a free consultation…No Obligation!

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Phone: (925)245-8900

Email: as@bayareaconcretes.com

Name: Rejuve Floor Service
Phone: (925)245-8900
Address: Northern California