For the most part, if a concrete or stone floor was properly installed, whether it is a stained concrete floor, a polished concrete floor or terrazzo, they should be easy to maintain. Regular dust mopping and occasional wet mopping should do the trick. But sometimes you just want that floor to look as good as it did when you first saw it and that requires a bit more work to get back to the glossy appearance everyone loves.

When that time comes, you’ll need some equipment and different skills from the usual janitorial service and that’s where Rejuve Floor Service shines. We have all the proper equipment, operators and solutions to rejuvenate and guard your floor. We’ve installed over 5 million feet of flooring in the Bay Area and have one of the largest fleets of equipment and operators capable of handling any size job.

We are expert in filling holes and cracks as well as removing scratches and stains. We use a process that starts with autoscrubbing, floor guard application, and then includes additional polishing if necessary or burnishing. The result is a floor that looks like new!

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation depends on the type and shape of the existing concrete or stone. Cleaning and repair of defects, cracks and holes and is done to provide a continuous surface.


Grinding removes all ledges, roughness and brings flatness to floors. This step can also remove the deepest scratches and stains.


Honing is the step of floor restoration provides smoothing the concrete or stone floor with diamonds pads, which brings up more shine and remove scratches and stains while delivering a more uniform appearance.


Polishing provides a semi-gloss or shining effect to the floor. Polishing is done using industrial grade diamonds, but smaller sized than when honing. For floors in good condition a polishing can be enough to bring up a shine.


To protect against future staining, we apply one or more coats of special sealant.


Buffing brings a high shine by chemical reaction on the surface of the floor. The crystallization that occurs during buffing creates micro film on the surface which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the floor.

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